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Another survey that will probably confirm what we have all been thinking and saying all these years about. had released a report that showed workers in Singapore have to wait much longer than others in the region to get a promotion, and they hold different views from employers on how one gets promoted at work.

The findings also indicated that companies here take close to four years to offer formal promotions to employees, which is about a year longer than those in the region. However, workers here perceive that a promotion is given in about five years. So, give and take one year, then the reality and perceived thinking about promotions are not that far off. Sometimes, promotion is just a token act, and the benefits and remuneration that comes with it does not really change that much.

So, apart from slaving ourselves to earn just about enough to pay for our high cost of living, a promotion is really that far away, and often times, the benefits does not match the expectations. This is the sad fact of life in Singapore.

Wong ST

A.S.S. Contributor

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