Please leave the Segar rd monkeys alone! I understand a few of them have caused trouble for the residents but I’m sure there are other ways to go around this. It’s cowardly to take the easy way out by resorting to catch them all. It is also inhuman!

The animals have been around for the longest time and are part of the natural environment. There must be a reason why they behave this way. And it could even be because we humans are not considerate to them in the first place?

We humans are the ones who are intruding on them! We are the ones who are destroying their environment! Animals have their rights too you know. Who are we to be so cruel to rob them of their homes?

And even if they stole food or knocked down people’s plants, I’m sure it’s purely accidental. They were probably just being mischievous.

It’s important that we learn to treasure nature instead of taking it for granted or changing it just for our own convenience. I hope people can understand this and respect their rights by leaving them alone.

Animal lover

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