Dear A.S.S. Editor

The recent FAS saga have shown one thing, that nobody actually cares for the football in Singapore. It’s all about the money and power, and that’s why our local football will never go far. Forget about reaching the standards of the Japanese league, our own S-League could not even match up to Indonesia’s, and they had their league suspended by FIFA for one whole year last year!

But out of this saga, we now have the surprising news that the Tiong Bahru Football Club had actually amassed a revenue of $36.8m last year!The FAS own budget for the whole of last year was $35.8m. And it was not only last year that Tiong Bahru FC had amassed millions via their jackpot machines. They had made between $11m – $36m in the years since 2011. They are a far richer club than the FAS and the professional S-League clubs!

So, what are the professional bodies doing wrong? Could they actually learn a thing or two from this amateur club and work harder to generate revenues in the millions? The professional clubs and the FAS has always said that money was an issue in getting things to move in a professional manner. well, maybe they should look at how Bill Ng runs his club, and instead of petty bickering, learn a thing or two about running professional football clubs and self generate income.

Terry X

A.S.S. Contributor

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