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Seems like Singaporeans do not know how to appreciate a good thing even when they are served on a plate for them. The bike-sharing company, ofo, had just launched a polie report over a video of a teenager throwing and stomping on one of its bikes in the Geylang Bahru area.

ofo had also indicated that apaert from the widely shared video of the teen, there were several other incidents whee its bikes have been misused. No reason was given in the video on why the teen resorted to stomping on the bike.

Singaporeans don’t know how to appreciate a good thing when they see one. ofo allows users to rent the bikes at only 50cents per trip. Users can use the bikes to get to places, and not worry about keeping the bikes at home. Yet this service have been misused. Apart from the anger treatment from the teen, ofo bikes have also been seen chained up or stashed outside HDB flats, where they are not supposed to be.

Why can’t we just treat this as an opportunity to make our lives easier? Why must abuse the system? As for the teen, don’t act like a hero. You are basically beating up an object that cannot fight back. Hope you enjoy spending time behind a police jail.

Johnny Ong

A.S.S. Contributor

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