Serious what will you do. Bullying of primary school child

My daughter has been very friendly in school but recently she has been bullied by a younger boy whom punch,push and kick her. Just April and my girl has sustained severe injuries twice to thrice which is not her own fault. She was pushed down and till now it still hurt from Jan as it never got to recover due to getting hurt on the knee.

I called the school once regarding this boy bullying her. And the school teacher is aware of his bully thus asked him to apologise before.

I saw the mum today and asked to have a word with the mum. She claimed that I have no evidence that her son does it and claim that her son won’t do it unprovoked. And claim that my girl instead is the one kicking him.

When my girl deny that he is her friend. This so called abuse by him been going for some time. I have again highlighted this issue to her form teacher for her to investigate as the mum’s reaction was crude and uncalled for.also my girl has extremely good relations with her classmates and is very friendly plus helpful from what the teacher feedback. I also trust that she’s not lying as she is not a aggressive child.

I already highlighted to vice principal previously but nothing was done. What else can I do thanks.

A.S.S. Contributor

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