Recently, US news channel CNN declared the local Pandan Cake as Singapore’s national cake.

They described the cake as “essentially a chiffon cake” infused with green juice from the pandanus palm.

CNN wrote: “The radioactive hue of this cake belies its natural woodsy flavor. When married to fluffy-yet-moist chiffon cake, it’s a revelation.”

They mentioned local bakeries Pine Garden and Bengawan Solo as being the best among the bakeries in island.

Singapore’s not the only country which was bestowed with a national cake. Pandan cake was also named as the national cake of Malaysia. They also named Kuah Lapis as Indonesia’s national cake.

Does anyone feel odd that our national cake was chosen for us by a US news company, and that most of us didn’t even hear about it (except for a select few who got past the 15 article limit on the Straits Times).

No offense to the writers, but don’t you think it should be up to the locals to choose what they want as a national cake?

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