My wife has suffered two failed pregnancies. One was due to the baby’s heart problems and the other due to a miscarriage. Majority of the doctors or professionals we consulted told us that stress was probably the major cause.

The government tells us Singaporeans that we should have more kids and also reminds us to constantly upgrade ourselves. Apparently the measly $500 skillsfuture credits given to us is supposed to be enough to help us get through our difficult lives in Singapore. There is very little support, if not none, from so many companies.

My wife is currently working full time in a childcare and at the same time, taking her part time diploma because it is impossible for us to live respectably with only one sole breadwinner.

We recently got a 4 room Bto flat of our own. If either one of us were to stop working, the other will be plagued with the bills & expenses. Bills such as electricity, water & gas bills, handphone bills, conservancy charges, bank reno loan, internet bill & necessary expenses such as insurance, food, transport and every other basic stuff to get us through daily. So the option of her quitting her job or even to work part time to concentrate on her studies is out of the question. We hardly have anything left for ourselves for entertainment or leisure even now.

Presently, with the both of us working, we occasionally get to enjoy simple pleasures such as a movie and dinner at a casual dining restaurant or cafe. If my wife quits her job, even that little bit of enjoyment we have would be gone.

On top of everything, her company is not contributing to her peace of mind or well being at all. They give her tonnes of work to be completed within ridiculous timelines, fully aware that she is undergoing her diploma. She has to clear all the ridiculous amount of work even in the after hours of her work, on top of her assignments at school. On school days, which is thrice a week, she starts her day early in the morning and ends late at night. Everything is wearing her out too much to even do anything else or even spend time with me.

She also told me that she witnessed her supervisor unreasonably stressing out another pregnant colleague as well! How do we have more healthy children & upgrade ourselves in situations like these?!

Sharing my story, I would like to tell the government that what you are giving us, IS NOT ENOUGH for Singaporeans like us to keep going and lead a happy family. This is the reality that you are refusing to face and I wish to know how long you are going to ignore it.

Anonymous Singaporean
A.S.S. Contributor

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