So I lost my wallet taking Grab, it appeared in front my door 3 days later, $22 out of the $272 remained with all other cards there. But nothing in my wallet had my home address.

For the bit with Grab, they put me on hold for 20 minutes on their lost & found hotline, while I watch the driver pull away at the other end of the street, that pissed me off but I’m over that. My wife called the accident hotline and they picked up immediately.

Then the wallet just mysteriously pops up 3 days later, in between my door and the gate (HDB home). 250 bucks taken, but some leftover cash was there (SGD22 and about 30 bucks worth of overseas money).

At this point I’m conflicted, I could have just lost the whole thing, but 250 bucks!

After going through the whole wallet, I realised that nothing in there had my address! Not my license, not my IC collection slip, nothing.

So how did he get my address? Why did he go through the effort to get it? Why did he come all the way to my door step to return? But still took 250 bucks! Heart pain man. But also thankful. So bloody conflicted.

A.S.S. Contributor

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