A computer technician shared this incident where he was threatened and harassed online by an FT who had tried to use his services and refused to pay for it.

According to the technician, an FT working as a Business Processing Manager in Singapore came to his repair shop to repair a MacBook. When the repairs were done, the technician delivered the MacBook to the FT’s block, but was told that the FT did not have cash on him and would receive payment via bank transfer within an hour.

He never heard from the man again.

When the technician reported the case to the police, the police said they could not act on the report because breaches of agreement between customers and businesses are considered civil cases.

Subsequently, the FT called back and accused the technician of causing his MacBook to run into issues. He says he would bring the MacBook to Apple to get it fixed and would update when it was all settled.

To make matters worse, the FT put up photographs of the technician and his family to intimidate him online. He even came to the technician’s shop and made a scene by threatening to take away another customer’s MacBook which was lying on the desk while waiting to be repaired.

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