Dear Editors,

Fifteen months have flown just like that after my father had passed on. He was under bankruptcy till his last breathe. We had to produce all the necessary documents to claim his money for my mother; as he didn’t nominate anyone and it was transferred to the “Trust Office”. The “Trust Office” had all our records and they retained one portion of my brother’s share as he was also under bankruptcy. But to our disappointment, we received a letter from Assignee Office that they are pleased to inform that my father has been discharged from bankruptcy today and they have invited my father to attend a Financial Literacy Workshop on “Making Sence of your Money”

How to react to this letter, to laugh or to get angry? Isn’t it understood that we have claimed his money after his death? How is it that we received letter from the same department? Is this a joke for us to receive such things?

My father was discharged and on the very next day, he passed away. Even after we had informed the hospital, we were receiving letters to remind him to go for check ups. Is it not disturbing for the loved ones to see these letters? We had to call the hospital a few times to make sure that they don’t send us any more of these in future.

When we make any claims, in one touch on our records, everything is surfaced up. Do we need to go every office to update one’s death? Shouldn’t it be updated in all the departments in Government Office? It could be a computer generated letter but why is it not checked before sending out, as it is checked very thoroughly when we make any claims? Very upset to see such things happening

James Gabriel
A.S.S. Contributor

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