Dear Editors,

I would like to report Real Yoga fitness centre that allows a instructor Rakesh Kumar Prasad with pending molest case teaching in classes. He was back teaching since 3 weeks ago. Management didn’t officially inform the members. The sales consultant told me that their lawyer said it’s legal for him to teach. In September 2016, Rakesh was accused of cupping and pinching a student’s breast while she was doing yoga poses at Real Yoga’s Tampines branch.

I was told that the next hearing for this case is in August. I’m puzzled how the management can put him back in class since his case is still pending. One of the sale consultant told me that some members asked for his lesson. I’m not sure whether it’s legal but the centre kept saying that their lawyer said it’s legal. That’s why nobody wants to argue with that.

He is teaching at various centres. The schedules i provided are for Tampines and Parkway. You can download the schedule from it’s public accessible. We saw the actual person instructing at the yoga studio. And apparently many new members not aware or some actually continue to attend his class. Whenever i questioned the centre, they will mention the lawyer! He will be teaching tomorrow at Parkway branch 745pm. U can ask for a free trial and you can see the actual person.

Worried Real Yoga Students
A.S.S. Contributor

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