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Reports emerged that it seems the woman who allegedly cheated Mediacorp actor Edmund Chen of $11,000 have actually been scamming others of large sums of money, and had police reports made against her. Reports indicated that t least two other people are known to have made police reports against the woman.

One man, a general manager at an investment holding company that manages the wholesale and retail distribution of footwear and lifestyle products in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, claimed he was scammed of $50,000, and had lodged a report in 2015. Another victim had also came forward and claimed he had been cheated of $30,000 and had made a police report against the woman in March this year.

Police confirmed that the reports against the woman were lodged. It is also understood that several other police reports were lodged against the woman apart from the three publicised ones. This allegation hints at a case of serial cheating, that had at least taken place since 2015. Action should be quickly taken against this woman , who was not named, to prevent her from going around and cheating others of their money.

Han W L

A.S.S. Contributor

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