Dear Editors,

I purchased an Asus laptop in first week of March from Newstead at Nex. After using the laptop for less than one month. The laptop couldn’t be turned on, thus I sent the laptop down to Asus service centre for repair as it was under warranty. After a few days, I was informed by the Asus technician that my Mainboard has corroded and is not covered under warranty. If I want to repair it, the repair costs $900. I mentioned to him, my laptop costs $800+ and yet the repair for the Mainboard is $900?

Isn’t it better for me to buy a new laptop than to have it repaired? He merely told me, “it’s your choice, I’m only here to inform you of the repair cost, it’s up to you if you want to have it repaired.” Long story cut short, after a week of follow up with Asus, they replied to me and told me that they are unable to cover for me as it’s not within their warranty and out of goodwill, they will waive off 20% for me. This computer was only purchased for a month and I seldom use it, how would I know where the corrosion came from as it was in my room all these while?

My warning to all Singaporeans is if you want to buy a Asus laptop for cheap, be careful of their expensive hardware repairs and profiteering methods. This is no way to treat a customer who has been using Asus laptop for donkey years.

Camillus Yap
A.S.S. Contributor

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