Alerts to all Nannies,

There this couple with a 17month baby boy will ask to take care of their Son than said they will pay half first than balance when they pick up the Son. But when the day come to pick up the Son they will than said they will transfer the balance to you.

They are very smart when they bring the child here both parent will come together but when pick up only one parent will show up than said the other parent will transfer. They will never transfer in the end!

Happen right to me. I help them to take care of their Son stay in overnight with me for 2 nights. And than on the day of pick up the Father tell me that the Mother will transfer later of the day but bullshit loh. They will keep dragging and dragging said no time to do transfer keep pushing around and I got so piss off and question him than he start to said what got problem cannot transfer all sort of things everything is in the conversation we had. Give al sort of lame excuses like mother sick, need to go KL, customer never pay him , wife quarrel with him all sort of craps. I think what he can think of he just said without thinking. Check out the picture of conversation.

We nanny also need money. We give our time and commitment we had given to your child how could you do this kind of thing. All Nannies look out for this couple. Don’t help them take care cause they will end up not paying. I have already make a police report on this.

Nannies please beware as he still asking for nannies.

Father name :Aaron
Son name : WaXXX
Contact : 9069XXXX

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