This woman has hoarded so much rubbish in her 4-room flat in Blk 23, Telok Blangah Crescent, for over 10 years and HDB and town council (TC) can’t do anything about it. The items have piled up to the ceiling till she cannot even enter. She has another house elsewhere to stay and this whole flat becomes her storeroom while others suffer.

1. Fire hazard

The estate has many elderly and the items in her flat are a fire hazard. If there is a real fire, the elderly may not be able to escape in time. There would be loss of property and lives, would HDB and TC be able to bear such a heavy responsibility?

2. Signs of Aggression

Lately, she has also started to hit her neighbours when they told her not to put more rubbish outside. The neighbours called the police and HDB after they were hit and they said they cannot do anything. Are they waiting for someone to get seriously hurt? She also had scuffles with neighbours and TC workers before.

3. Maximum load in a flat

She does not just hoard paper items; Even used furniture, she would bring home. How much weight can a HDB flat withstand if it’s loaded with items to such a capacity, until she has difficulty opening her main door? Will HDB and TC take responsibility if her flat collapses or if there is any structural damage to the flat below and those around her?

4. Increase in Pests

Imagine how many pests are breeding and going in and out of the flat as it’s over 10 years!

Though neighbours have gone to HDB, TC and police, hoarding is due to a mental illness which requires medical attention. Apart from clearing the items in her flat frequently, they should also think of how to make the woman seek the required medical help. Even if the items have been cleared, if she does not seek any medical help, she will continue to hoard again. Her family should really help her in seeking medical help!

ASS Contributor

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