I refer to the post: , which to all Singaporeans, will mean an extreme breath of fresh air after living under undue oppression and opaqueness for decades under the guise of “economic development” and a false sense of security that crumbled after the death of LKY.

If successful, this law suit would mean the timely restoration of an oversight in the form of a “Privy Council” which was previously abolished by the rubber stamping parliament of Singapore after the Council found a serious miscarriage of Justice against The Late JBJ whose memory is still fond among Singaporeans.

It’s long overdue for the US Justices to take a serious view at not just
protecting the defenseless in third world countries ruled by dictatorship but
also first world ones governed in the same fascist manner. The third branch
of any governments should start acting as checks against excessive abuses of
the other two by validating if the decisions they make are indeed legal and
in National interest. They should also invalidate laws passed in fury when
certain events does not turn out the way the Executive wants it to!

In Singapore unfortunately, we do not get to enjoy the good fortune of a US
Citizen who has all 3 mechanisms of government functioning at optimal and
able to unite the Nation in times of crises whereas ours only divide further
by pitting Singaporeans against foreign interests.

We really have this Azaadjeet Singh to thank for paving the way forward (as
most minority does) that may end the unfettered discretion HDB has over which
MP they grant appeals to and which Town Council to victimize to cripple
operations there after a party other than the ruling one wins that
Constituency. We have no choice but to reject HDB reported statistics of
annual deficit due to the fact we do not have a government which is
forthcoming with us on a variety of issues!

Boo Balan

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