I’m one of the lucky ones to have a chance to take SMRT’s new trains a few days ago. I’m excited to see the new features and happy that many ppl will be able to enjoy it! Who knows, this new system can maybe put a stop to all this faults!

There’s a new signalling system so hopefully it will prevent circuit faults and train breakdowns. I know many ppl always complain about the regular delays but I’m sure the new trains can be a solution.

They really look improved.. three’s new LCD display boards to show ppl what are the attractions near diff mrt stations and other safety related messages. Plus they also have energy efficient LED lighting that is better for the environment.

I also take public transport and understand the frustration ppl face with train breakdowns.. but I hope we can all can be patient as it’s not an easy thing to solve. Maybe we can look forward to the new trains for a start!

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