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The monkeys of Segar Road are getting more aggressive by the day! Previously, these monkeys, believed to be a long-tailed macaque, entered residents’ flats through the windows, stealing food and making a mess in their homes. The monkeys were generally fearful of humans presence then, but now, they are used to people, and starting to be more aggressive.

In one case, a resident claimed that a monkey had bitten his three year old son last week, and also confirmed that at least three or four other people have been bitten by the monkeys. Some residents are now even afraid of stepping out of their flats. A resident said the monkey has broken items like flower pots, and his family has mostly stayed at home during the recent long weekend due to the fear of being attacked by the monkeys.

AVA should stop culling chickens for a while, and try to resolve this monkey business instead. The monkeys posed more of a direct threat to residents than the chickens ever did. How come AVA slow to act on this one?


A.S.S. Contributor

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