Singaporeans today have lost a great man and a wise leader. Mr Othman Wok is one of the few Muslim leaders today with the guts to do what is right for the country.

Look at our Malay MPs today, some keep talking about divisive issues and trying to divide Singaporeans, others keep quiet and do nothing when our multiracial society is at stake.

Othman Wok is a great Malay PAP leader, without him we wouldn’t be living in peace like today. Today we can greet and interact with our Malay, Chinese, Indian neighbors in peace and harmony, it is all because of this man.

We should remember that under the first generation PAP leadership, he was the only Malay minister who helped rally the support of the Malay community around a multiracial policy for Singapore. While Malaysia was stuck in dangerous racial politics that caused violent racial riots in Singapore and Malaysia, he stood firm and faced the taunts and death threats from ultras who called him all kinds of insults.

As a result, here we are today as a prosperous nation, not a sleepy fishing village with racial conflict.

We should not allow ignorant and opportunistic people with suspicious motives to unravel the delicate social bonds we have taken so long to build up.

I salute you, Mr Othman Wok. Thank you for giving my family the chance to live in peace.


Cai Sheng
A.S.S. Contributor

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