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Looks like durian lovers here have to fork out more to enjoy the king of fruits, because of China. Yes, China once again is playing a major part of affecting consumer prices, and even the durians are not exempt from this.

It seems like the China tourists to Malaysia have developed a love for Malaysian durian, so much so that they are buying the fruit at the Malaysians farms they visit, and the Malaysian farmers themselves exporting more of their harvest to China. With this competition from a relatively new market, what this means is that prices for durians has steadily increased.

For example, the Musang King, or Mao Shan Wang durian, was selling for S$8 per kg five years ago. Last year, that almost doubled to S$15 per kg. The farmers had said that although the Chinese market are not new to durians, previously they got their supplies from Thailand. But they had since switched to the Malaysian market, and are willing to pay higher for the durians up to double the amount that Singaporeans are typically willing to pay.

Naturally, the Malaysian farmer will sell to the highest bidder, thus Singapore’s share of the Malaysian durian market may be shrinking, with Malaysian suppliers selling more of the fruit to China. Now, durian lovers here might have to pay higher prices for the durian. Another price increase, and this time, China plays a part in it.

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