I was on the way to buy dinner at Hougang Mall after my class at around 5.45pm on Monday, when i was stopped by a teenager to ask donations for the less fortunate. He just simply used the term “help the needy children” to ask for donations at Hougang Central Hub. During the donation process, he asked if I could donate $4 instead of $2 which is the initial amount I chose to donate.

Unknowingly, I donated $4 to that teenager.

After that happened, I realised I have been scammed. That teenager did not state any organizations he is intending to pass the donations to, neither he is handling an authorized donation can. All he had is just a folder and a clip that clips all the money he recieved. He did not even show any identification that he is a certified volunteer from any voluntary organization.

I was a victim of the teenager, and I hope that the public be aware of those scammers, and to avoid them at all costs. They will take advantage of your compassion and to use every idea they have just to cheat your money.

Angry Donor
A.S.S. Contributor

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