Just lost my business 🙁

Had a small business. It failed.

Sianz.. I was a small time business owner.. Now dunno how to find job

Was in a startup with my friends. We started a platform for b2b. Poured in 30k of my savings.

Failed. Got zero dollars back.

Next I went to start small time business stocking stuffs from Alibaba to resell to businesses here. Also failed miserably. Lost around 30-40k. Retail all dying. My previous startup and subsequent small business all deal with retailers here in sg.

Sold my small Korean car away on Friday. Felt my heart break as I handed over the keys to the new owner..

The feeling is horrible.

In a few years I’ve lost everything.

I look back on my life.

Graduated from local uni, that time my parents ask me to just work and be employee. Refuse to listen.

Now late 30s, no house, no business, no money, no car.

Thank god I got a wife. Despite everything, she tell me not to give up hope. Thank you and sorry for bringing you down.

No kids. Thank god if not bring them down. Didn’t feel comfortable to have kids last time cus job insecurity.

I feel like singapore is really going downhill, there’s no future for small businesses here.

David Ng
A.S.S. Contributor

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