The PAP government likes to spread propaganda saying that if you are jobless, all you have to do is to go learn a skill that is in demand, then you will get employed. It sounds so easy, right?

It is wishful thinking that a simple change of skills can guarantee jobs.

In reality, taking up short term courses can only teach very low entry skill
sets. Even if it is cooking or very basic programming skills, we will be
fighting against people who are much more established in such skills and
demanding much lower wages. So it is a complete waste of time to go to
skillsfuture courses and think you have gained a skill. What you have learnt
are very basic skills and any foreigner who sets his eyes on that field would
have a much more experience and in depth knowledge of that field, definitely
more than what your course teaches you. Going to courses is not going to give
you a degree in that field, so it is less recognized. Any foreigner can beat
you, even with a fake degree. At best, you can only get a temporary job with
low salary, despite wasting your time attending such courses.

If I go and attend a course on programming, can I fight an Indian developer
who is probably 10 times better than me in programming and who is more than
happy to get a quarter of my pay? Not to mention that he probably has over 10
years of working experience in that field in his country. In short, we are
damned if we lose our jobs especially for PMETs.

I urge the PAP to stop giving us false hope that giving up on your
specialized field and taking up useless courses are going to improve your
employability and solve your retrenchment woes. We are already suffering, so
stop insulting our intelligence with your out of touch feel good rhetoric.

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