When it comes to local talent and developing it i think there’s one important point that no one seems to be talking about and that is the businesses managing them.
For the sake of keeping things simple i will be using the music scene as a case study.

We do have really talented creatives here in singapore, from every time you go to baybeats there are always new local bands that you never heard of who are really good but the problem i think is in the record labels.

Lets face it we cannot blame local artist for not being able to market well because that isn’t really the job of musicians again if they manage to do it good for them and i totally respect them for being able to do so, but i think that a band would be more successful if they were able to focus on their music while having a label brand and promote them.

It is already a struggle to be a creative talent in singapore with our rigid education system, not saying our education system is all bad but it is what it is, we pride being able to shut up, sit down, memorise and this sort of learning does not make it easier to be a creative individual.

The talent management business over here need to step up and learn to identify talented individuals and learn to develop them instead of waiting for them for “make it” on their own and then whoring them out and putting them in every influencer inspired campaign.

This is not a stab or pot shot at “influencers” i think companies giving them gigs is great but maybe the support should come when they are budding talents?

Before you think i am expecting companies and business to bet on the wrong horse before seeing promise lets take Joseph Schooling winning the Olympic gold as an example , he didn’t really get much sponsorships before it but afterwards suddenly a bunch of companies wanted to congratulate him and offer him stuff while promoting their own products i am sorry but that is not how sponsorships work.

The whole point of sponsorships is for business to put in support for people the see promise in and take the risk if they person you sponsored succeeds then you have every right to put up as much promotional material as you want because you too the risk that the money you put in them might not pay off as much as it could if they didn’t produce the right results.

This is why i think business and talent management companies need to step up and learn to better develop their skills to better support local talents and not just wait for them to claw their way to the top just so you can slap your branding all over them after the finished the hard part without your help.

Ben Matchap
A.S.S. Contributor

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