Dear A.S.S. Editor

The recent discussion about making the criteria for Permanent Resident status in Singapore more stringent is a hot issue right now. Already, we have a lot of these foreigners, who locals claim are taking away jobs from them.

Well, that might not be all true, but the sheer amount of foreign born residents currently seen in Singapore does nothing to alleviate the fear of locals about jobs going to these foreigners. Competition is all good and fair, and locals and foreigners alike should be getting jobs based on their ability and not because one group is cheaper to higher than the other. But at the same time, locals need to know that we are an important component of the Singapore workforce. One way to remove the fear of foreigners taking our jobs is to actually make the criteria for PR more stringent. We should not give out PR that easily, and cheaply. As we know, once you get a PR, you also have an easier time getting jobs here, thus, putting more pressure on the locals in their hunt for jobs.

So, the government should not cheapen the Singapore PR status. Make it hard to earn one, and when one does get a PR here, he would have really worked hard to earn it. Not by some cheap payment of PR fees, and these people are expected to really contribute to Singapore’s economy. Only then are PR on a same level field as locals, and thus accusations of jobs taken from locals might be lessened.

Soh TH

A.S.S. Contributor

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