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The Changi Airport Group (CAG), Singapore Airlines (SIA) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) will take their partnership to a new level, by jointly investing $33.75 million to promote Singapore as an attractive travel destination. This is the highest-ever amount to invested in promoting Singapore to the world.

The partnership’s joint marketing efforts will focus on promoting Singapore as a stopover or twinning destination – where travelers visit Singapore and another destination during the same trip – to travelers globally. With the millions spent, one sure hope that the drive will encourage more tourism dollars to make their way to Singapore, and somehow help inject some fresh blood and money into Singapore’s economy.

Singapore is a small country, we are bounded by a scarcity of land to build all these new theme parks or tourist attractions. We have to pool our resources to ensure that what we have currently still works many more years down the road, and that we keep one step ahead of our competitors.

Shawn L

A.S.S. Contributor

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