The Institute of Mental Health (IMH) will be offering psychiatric treatment and counselling for individuals suffering from gender dysphoria, a condition where people identify with a gender different from the one they are born with.

It will be the only hospital to do so after NUH closed a similar gender identity clinic in 2008.

IMH began seeing transgender patients more than 6 months ago. The clinic at IMH is headed by Zheng Zhimin from the Department of Community Psychiatry, who also sees other non-transgender patients.

Dr Zheng had set up the clinic after consulting with local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activists here.

The clinic has received support from prominent LGBTQ+ activists here.

Mr Leow Yangfa, executive director of LGBTQ+ counselling group Oogachaga, says: “As with other groups with defined healthcare and psychosocial needs – such as the elderly, single parents, children with special needs or persons with mental illness – it is hoped that we will similarly extend the ‘many helping hands’ approach to this marginalised group of Singaporeans.”

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