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Trouble brewing at the Football Association of Singapore (FAS)? In the latest development in the saga of FAS having their first free elections for the president post, it has now come to light that an alleged $850,000 donation was unaccounted for.

SportSG has taken the FAS to task, and asked the FAS to submit a full report on how the huge donations was managed and used by the FAS. The allegations came to light when Hougang United chairman Bill Ng, who is leading a team to contest the April 29 FAS elections, alleged that he donated a sum of $850,000 to the FAS, but was not sure how the money was spent. The FAS then clarified that only $715,000 worth of donations it received could be linked with Ng. Out of this, $500,000 went to the Asean Football Federation’s (AFF) football management system, where former president Zainudin Nordin had asked Ng to donate to the AFF.

No reason was given as tho why the AFF donation was made, and why such a large sum was involved. FAS and former president Zainudin Nordin had better have a good explanation on why the donations were made, and how the actual donations were used by the FAS. No sweeping under the carpets. Time for FAS to come under the financial spotlight.

Ong CY

A.S.S. Contributor

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