I’m currently working at Tip Top Curry Puff, a subsidiary of Swensen’s and would like the public to know of the deplorable working conditions that caused many of my colleagues to resign, which we suspect is a front for the foreign managers to hire their own kind after our departure as MOM does not really curtail the inflow of foreign workers on WP or S-Passes for big companies.

If it did not escape your attention, how could most eateries have so many China and Filipino workers when the ratio is something like 11 Singaporean staffs : 1 Foreign worker? How did MOM “approve” those dubious employments when the job market is so bleak and available jobs outnumber applicants?

The “top” management of Tip Top is dominated by foreigners who deploy favorable conditions to their own like simultaneously approving their leaves to go back Philippines while local staffs are subjected to one at a time when we have urgent medical appointments. Some of us are even made to return to work by the Filipino managers though we have valid medical leave for injuries sustained as they complain of insufficient staffs pending MOM approval of an incoming lot of their compatriots.

When some of my former colleagues complained to MOM and their MPs about the
withholding of our incentives as promised VERBALLY during interviews
conducted 2 years back, MOM’s toothless Labor Court said it was not binding
when the High Court previously disagreed that verbal agreements are indeed
binding. MOM claimed there was insufficient evidence even when all of us had
given statements to them. Tip Top later privately told us they’re facing cash
flow problems to which we thought, don’t expand beyond your capabilities and
means and cause existing workers to suffer as a result of your irresponsible
capitalistic decisions!

With a blind cheque rendered to the government last election and many
themselves still blinded, Singaporeans only have darker and gloomy days ahead
of them. #matilahsingapura

A.S.S. Contributor

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