A Singaporean guy, with multiple nicknames such as “Aaron / Noctiszz / TianXingXc” on online dating app such as tinder / okcupid to trick girls for meet up. After chatting for some times with my friend, he initiated to meet up at Yishun MRT. Thinking of just a meet up for dinner my friend agreed to it since it was just for dinner. On the dinner day itself, my friend reached the destination upon the time they were supposed to meet and he constantly told my friend that he was there and made my friend waited for awhile and she thought that he was late so she decided to give him a call about his whereabouts and then she called him but it was uncontactable and when she wanted to texted him that was the time she knew he was missing in action and was blocked by him.

Few days later a familiar number texted my friend, apologizing for his actions the other time when they were supposed to meet. And he initiated another meet up with my friend again. What makes my friend think that he will turn up again? So my friend ignored him.

Same things happened to me, he used the same technique as what my friend went through, he initiated to meet at Somerset MRT this time round. And the same whole thing happened at Somerset this time round but he left a text saying that he can’t make it. Following day I asked him to meet up at Sembawang MRT as I thought he was sincere. He make it sound real that he was there, claiming to be wearing blue shirts standing near to the MRT service counter, but he was no where to be seen at all.

I know you guys have been wondering why this incident happened to my friend and yet I still chatted / met up with him. As me and my friend met up and we chatted about using dating apps, and we realized that we have fallen into this prank by the guy name Aaron / Noctiszz / TianxingXc. Girls please beware of talking to this guy if you don’t want to be the next victim of his prank.

FYI, he is 22 years old , studying in Kaplan , residing in Yishun area. After making a mess, he will claim that his account have been used by his friend and denied it was he himself.

A.S.S. Contributor

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