I have to admit that I am a “cheapo” that love cheap rides without the need to squeeze or wait very long for the bus or train and thus, an avid supporter of Grabhitch. But now, after reading the article about how hard it is to claim against Grabhitch, I have got second thoughts of it.

My doubt is that since grab provides Grabhitch, and LTA allows it, why not allow only cars covered under commercial insurance to do Grabhitch? It would be a wider choice as drivers are more trained and it will also benefit the rider as well as riders will feel more safe and secured. Since commercial cars are plying the roads more often than anyone else I think grab should seriously relook into this and only allow private hire cars to do Grabhitch!

This is to safeguard the safety of drivers, riders and other road users, if Grab or LTA doesn’t want to enforce that only Commercial cars can do Grabhitch, then in future if I would want to avoid the surge, I will just take bus or MRT, and all other times, I will have choose between taxi, uber or grab, depending on which is more efficient.

Editors, please share this, I hope to get more ground feedback and if response is good, I shall write in to grab and LTA to enforce.

A.S.S. Contributor

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