I am writing in to appeal to Grabhitch riders to be more gracious and understanding towards Grabhitch drivers like us, many Grabhitch riders I took nowadays are overly demanding, especially those that say that they are in the rush. When I ask them why are they still taking Grabhitch when they are in the rush they told me because it’s cheap and it doesn’t surge. So they expect me to drive like a maniac or a race car.

I want all Singapore stuff to share this becaus I want the public to know
that we are driving to defray cost for our personal cars under Grabhitch
platform, we will always try our best to avoid accidents at all cost because
unlike taxi, GrabCar or uber, we are not required to buy commercial insurance
or go for training and screenings, if they want to save cost by going for
cheap rides, then spare a thought for Grabhitch drivers, we do not want to
end up getting into an accident and then got into loads of problems with the
insurance companies with the claims. It’s very very hard to claim as
insurance companies will push their responsibility saying that they are not
covering Grabhitch, and the worse thing is that grab refuse to honour or
provide insurance for hitch.

Grab will only tell passengers that if they want a safer ride, choose between
Private Hire Cars or taxis, and if they want cheap and insured ride, take bus
or MRT.

Is this how Grab should behave? Even though they don’t get commission from
Grabhitch, are they putting hitch riders at risk? If so, then I am
considering selling off my car and stop doing Grabhitch, or if commercial
insurance is affordable, I will just convert my car and go through the
tedious and time consuming process of pay more and going for checks and

A.S.S. Contributor

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