Dear Editors,

I am a taxi driver and would like to share a post to raise awareness that we are actually conned by grab with their Justgrab. It is actually cheating us and making us lose money, wasting our time and distrusting our income as compared to GrabTaxi. Now before I continue, I would like to say that I have got relatives driving GrabCar too and they are also affected by this JustGrab.

Everyone of us can tell that grab is actually trying to kill uber to monopolise the market and that this JustGrab is actually a poison that grab is using to poison Uber to death, slowly and painfully, at the expense of their drivers.

We were actually quite happy at first upon hearing the news that taxi companies are going to join grab to introduce surge pricing for taxis as well as we thought that it’s going to be like GrabCar, whereby the surge is parked onto the options, in this example, GrabTaxi, when there is high surge, (eg.

From Orchard to Ang Mo Kio $35), we taxis will have it too, which means that there is no way out for passengers to book GrabTaxi because GrabCar is surging and GrabTaxi would be cheaper. This will definitely be a win win situation for all of us as these cheapskates who are unintended to pay for the surge will have to take bus or train instead. And of course, during off peak or low demand period, we GrabTaxi will go by the meter while GrabCar goes by their fixed rate as usual, however, we were all disappointed and conned when they launched Justgrab.

Now Grab claims that its faster for commuters with Justgrab, which I find it true as I do book grab to commute, but isn’t that their previous flash booking? And to make matters worse, instead of parking this surge into GrabTaxi, they came out with a full day fixed fare, which is even lower than our metered fare, and we are still obliged to pay them 10% commission instead of just 50 cents, and they keep on pushing passengers to take Justgrab by giving out promo codes due to the fact that they wanted a higher commission, 10% of the fare instead of 50 cents and because of these, GrabCar and GrabTaxi are totally neglected. I have been received close to none GrabTaxi bookings and my cousin whom is driving GrabCar lose at least 15% of his income because there wasn’t any GrabCar booking!

Now my take is that we should all come together and write a petition and submit to our authorities or grab to ask them to abolish Justgrab totally. They are not going to kill Uber by launching this JustGrab but instead, Uber will be laughing at Grab! This is because, Grab has got too many choices for commuters already! Unlike Uber’s app, which is more straightforward! And what’s worse, where is the surge that grab promised us??? It seems that ever since the came out with Justgrab, surge is either too low or in fact most of the time, surge areas have no surge at all! This is due to taxi and cars joining force which add more vehicles into those fleet!

I hope Editors will share this up as I want to garner feedback from audiences, if need me, let’s all come together and submit a petition for this JustGrab to be abolished totally, to ensure fair competition and game for both GrabTaxi and GrabCar.

Thank you.

A.S.S. Contributor

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