Dear Editors,

I am wondering if Grabhitch is being properly regulated? Is there proper insurance coverage for Grabhitch? My Grabhitch car was involved in a minor accident with another car on the road, I suffered an outpatient injury, which is sprained neck as a result of it and was told that I can’t claim from the car’s insurance because the car involved is a personal car and it shouldn’t be for commercial usage.

Call grab and LTA and they are just passing the ball around, and insurance companies are telling me that even if LTA allowed, it’s at my own risk because insurance don’t cover passengers taking rides using Grabhitch or RYDE given that it’s a personal car, now I am trying to use the excuse of saying that I am hitching my friend’s car and I heard chances are not high either as insurance companies might go to the extent of cheap king the relationship between me and the driver.

Now I need to know why insurance refuse to honor coverage for Grabhitch or RYDE since LTA already approved it? Can’t these insurance companies just work out something to cover the passengers as well if the driver is registered under Grabhitch or RYDE and with proper valid license?

Editors, kindly share this, I want insurance companies to really look into coming out something for Grabhitch and RYDE drivers and passengers! Grabhitch and RYDE is a very good alternative ride hailing app because it doesn’t surge and it’s very cheap! We can definitely use it for a fast, seamless and cheap rides, but despite that we still need to be covered under insurance!

If insurance companies refuse to cover such ride hitch acitivities, then what’s the point of having Grabhitch and RYDE in the first place? Does it mean that fares are 50% cheaper and grab/RYDE are not generating collision from it means no need to cover passengers?

A.S.S. Contributor

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