Dear Editors,

LTA should really work with ICA and ban all Private Hire Cars from entering JB! They just want to go in there to pump cheap petrol and go for cheap car servicing and grooming there which is why it caused a massive jam for 5 hours today! When I looked around me, many cases were bearing LCR plates or have black tape or paint painted over and some even have the grab advertisement! Now with the need to stick the decal for these private hire cars, it would be easier to identify them. Because of these selfish pricks, we were all stuck in the jam for 4 hours and caused my two sons to toilet in their pants in the car?

Now, there are more than 30,000 private hire cars on the roads! Imagine if all these 30,000 cheapo going in to JB just to repair their cars or to pump petrol?

Let this be a warning to all the private hire car driver cars out there, if you can’t afford to pay for petrol or repairs in Singapore, please return your cars or sell/scrap your cars and quit driving uber or grab for easy money, because of your own self advantage and caused so much inconvenience to others.

Authorities, please look into either a permanent ban for private hire cars exiting Singapore or charge them a higher toll fee.

A Raging Mother and ASS Contributor

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