Talking about reckless drivers should be facing jail term, I find that it’s a good move and authorities also should play their part in reducing traffic congestion to prevent reckless drivers too.

Every morning along Shenton and Orchard area, there will be a massive jam
caused by the number of buses plying the roads there and because of their
schedule to meet, this caused them to drive recklessly and also cars to drive
recklessly so as not to stay behind slow moving buses.

I suggest that LTA look thoroughly into these bus services and reduce their
fleets into the city area during morning peak, bus services like 190, 700 and
972 have too many buses and they often bunch up to 6 buses arriving at the
same time, now this can be reduced as now grab shuttle is so popular and
there is no need for so many duplicating bus services, LTA should either
withdrawn bus service 190 or 700 as there is no demand at all! Their buses
were often seen half full bunching on the expressway!

And also, private bus services like Premium and City Direct should not be
allowed to operate! Not only they are adding to the jam as these service are
redundant, charging higher and inflated fares!

If possible, ban all heavy vehicles plying in CBD during peak hours!

So instead of penalising reckless Drivers, why not make traffic smoother so
there will be lesser reckless motorists?

A.S.S. Contributor

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