City Harvest Church – the court case looks to drag again and as their sentences get halved and then the government seeks to reinstate the original sentence. (which is very rare as far as I know)

To me, the worst people are not the people standing in courts. Not Kong Hee. Not his wife, Sun Ho. Not Serine Wee. Not Tan Ye Peng. Not Chew Eng Han. Not Sharon Tan. Not John Lam.

These people are guilty and bad. But the worst people are not them.

The worst people are the current members of the congregation. The current members who still attend CHC regularly.

You are not supporting them as family. you are not giving them support as Christians.

By continuing attending CHC, you are condoning the deeds they have done. you are telling them that they have NOT done wrong. you are telling them that they are real christians and the whole world is wrong, but they are right.

Look at the past few statements of CHC, not a single word of apology to others, not a single word of regrets over their past action. They are merely sorry for the sadness to their own family, and nothing beyond that. It is all about how the world is ganging up on you. This strong belief within the accused is there because YOU continue to attend CHC.

If one person explains to you that you are wrong. Maybe that person is dumb. If two persons tells you that you are wrong, maybe that two person is wrong. If a court of lawyers and senior politicians condemns your actions and tell you all these are wrong, maybe they are all stupid.

But if half the world is mocking you as “sheep” and “brainwashed”, maybe you need to grow up and learn.

To be kind, one must be cruel.

You need to let your leaders know that what they did was wrong. Plain and simple.

When they apologise for their past actions that taken money out of other hands’ to fund a project that is so obviously wrong (to half the world) for a scantily dressed christian lady to spread words of god, that may give a tinted negative image of christians, then you can go support them as family.

As family, the easiest way for you is to look beyond the mistake and give unwavering support. But its the worst thing in life. Like spoiling a child for him to grow up crooked.

The best way to support a family is to walk away at times. You have to be cruel to be kind.

Eunice Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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