After working for 3 years for Singapore’s largest and pioneer security firm, Certis Cisco, I finally resigned a few days back in order to pursue a different job elsewhere. The company has no prospect for us locals at all. There is no progression and their bonuses are split into 2-3 periods. Supervisors and even executives are Malaysian staff who rule the entire place whilst locals like us have to suffer despite being more qualified and know the job better.

Well this is my story. I was part of a team in the said company for 3 years. The job was fun and I had a good experience during the 3 years. I managed to upgrade myself by taking a degree in an attempt to grow within the organization. Whilst I was given more tasks and projects by my boss, one of my supervisor, or my upperstudy before, made wrong accusations about me and raised it up to my head of operations claiming that I was ‘slacking’ during one of my days on duty. And even after clearing my name, and proven innocent, the head of operations who had close ties with my supervisor issued me a warning letter claiming I had breached safety, which was against HR policy and issued me a warning letter telling me that it will affect promotion etc.

Well being upset I had no choice but to move on, waiting for good news if I could perhaps move to another department. But instead I was transferred to a factory like environment within the company as a supervisor. Well do take note that the other supervisors there were 80% Malaysians whom were there for only 1-2 years and some could not even understand english! I felt that I was downgraded and not given a opportunity I wanted! What could I learn? What can I experience out of this?

I asked myself such questions and decided to tender a one month notice even before the bonus payout in June as I had no choice. I requested for a transfer elsewhere for me to prove my ability as I was a HQ staff at my department and after not progressing at such level, how can I be progressing in such a environment which is super restricted! I had to wear a jumpsuit! Had to have a body check everytime we leave the location! And we also had to Surrender our passports during our 12 hour plus shifts and could only take it back after the shift ended as the job required us to deal with cash. After my pleads were rejected and even my leave clearance were not approved, I had no choice but to resign 24hours.

Even that day, during clearance, the admin staff made me sit down and told me not to go anywhere treating me like a criminal, and insisted that I MUST pay the one month basic salary in lieu before she can let me leave. I did tell her that I will be able to only pay after they send me the letter as I had insufficient funds as I had to keep some money for the rest of the month as im living with my 2 elderly parents but she insisted that I had to pay at least 3/4 the amount or I won’t be able to leave. It was like a loanshark was threatening me! I had no choice but to pay up more that 3/4 of my basic pay in order to leave asap.

I felt extremely disappointed by the workplace politics and also the way a staff was being treated. Well, it’s after these 3 years where I realize how disgusting a company can be.. Certis cisco, I will never forgive you, you can grow and keep all your Malaysian talents & hopefully Aetos comes taking the rest of your assignments!

Mr K
A.S.S. Contributor

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