Attention please! I just saw this on SIM University’s counselling page while thumbing through resources available for LGBTQ+ teens for my project.

The church listed in SIM’s counselling resources section includes one organization named “Choices” to supposedly help with “homosexuality issues”. The shocking part is when you click on their website and you read this:

“Choices was established in 1991 to help people recover their God-intended sexual identity. Our clients include homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, and heterosexuals who are unhappy with their sexual choices or lifestyle.”

Isn’t this the kind of sex conversion therapy that is being banned all over the United States? How can SIM even allow this to be listed as a form of counselling!?

To make things worse, I found out that Choices is led by a local church by the name of Church of Our Saviour. This is the same church that opposed strongly to repealing S377A because of its bigoted views. The church even appears in Wikipedia for its role in opposing the repeal:

“In addition, Senior Pastor Derek Hong gave various sermons on the issue. In a sermon in August 2007, titled “God’s Church and Homosexuality,” Hong insisted on the existence of an agenda by gay activists. This agenda allegedly seeks to ultimately silence all Ex-Gay groups, eradicate anti-homosexuality groups such as churches, strive for legalising of same-sex marriages, and strive to promote homosexuality as a viable lifestyle. Hong, however, did not offer any concrete evidence or proof of his accusations.[6]

An email has also surfaced, allegedly claiming that Hong has circulated an email in April 2007, encouraging acquaintances to mobilise, influence public opinion, and lobby the government.[7] The email recommends a suggested format of writing a protest and also the destination to submit the protest to, namely the Singaporean government feedback website at While there is no evidence that Hong was indeed the author of the email, and Hong himself has issued no statement regarding it, an examination of the forum topics at reveals a large number of postings adopting exactly the recommended format.”

I think LGBTQ+ groups should demand an explanation from SIM about its stance towards homosexuals. I will be sending my complaint to them soon.

A.S.S. Contributor

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