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Seems like the Selangor football association has booked 115 tour coaches to bring in their fans to Singapore’s National Stadium for the Sultan of Selangor Cup, which is happening on the 6th of May. In fact, it was also reported that 800 Selangor football fans queued at the Selangor immigration department just to have a new passport for this game.

We should expect a crowd of Selangor football fans numbering in their thousands for this football match. Brings back fond memories of the Malaysia Cup days back in the 90s, where the rivalry between Selangor and Singapore was strong. They always bring thousands of their fans here, but always outnumbered by the Kallang crowd. At the end of the day, Singapore always win at the stadium.

So, what are we as Singaporeans waiting for? We should make our way down too in our thousands, we out sing them and lead our beloved Singapore to glory, just like in the good old days! There will be three clashes between the team on the day, the first one between the Singapore Sports School and Selangor Combined Schools, followed by a veterans match between the two teams, and finally the Singapore and Selangor match. Let’s make our voices heard!

Nasir J

A.S.S. Contributor

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