Dear A.S.S. Editor

I read with amusement and incredulity the news report about the poly lecturer wh admited to to inciting violence online. He had called for a vigilante group to be formed to beat up drunk Caucasians in the drinking joints, after he was unhapppy that a British man was only fined for punching a teen in a road rage incident.

Was even surprised that he think he could get away with inciting violence online in Singapore. There is no place anywhere for any incitement of violence, be it against a local or foreigner.

But what induced him to act in such a way? Apparently, he has negative perception about the influx of foreigners into Singapore, and the decline of the local population. See, authorities? Your brilliant masterplan on population growth have created unease and unhappiness amongst the local population, so much so that led to one man on a crusade to atack the foreigners.

Nobody has any reason to incite violence against foreigners, but maybe, there is a deep resentment present in the number of foreigners in Singapore who are perceived to come here and take our jobs, and seem very well protected by the law when they commit crimes. Perception or otherwise, this is simply worrying.

Rahman Abdul

A.S.S. Contributor

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