Thank you for your time to read this. Singapore is indeed a great country enviable by many countries surrounding it. I am a Malaysian and I am grateful to your government for a chance to have my tertiary education in NUS, which have become a stepping stone to a better life I have right now.

If it is not for Singapore providing such opportunity to grow in my knowledge, I would not have such comfortable life right now. Also, if it is not City Harvest Church for guiding my well being as a person, I would not have become who I am today.

I travel every week from Malaysia to attend City Harvest Church. Why? Its not because we don’t have any churches in Malaysia. It is simply because this is the place I learn about being a true friend. This the place I learn about life is not just mine to live, but we live it for a greater purpose other than ourselves.

Pastor Kong and the rest have indeed made some grievous mistakes but I believe the court has done its due diligence in sentencing them. If I have a voice here, let it be a voice to call for mercy. 7 years of trial is not in vain. They are not without pain and heartache. They are not without calls of desperation. Honestly, if I was the one to be going through it, it would be great if I have pocketed the money and live that 7 years enjoying it. But I didn’t. They didn’t. They toiled and cried and worked tremendously hard for it… to have a voice in the courtroom. As a friend to some of them, I can only be thankful that they are not in depression or go mentally crazy due to the stress.

I am a member of the church, and a friend to some of the convicted ones. I have seen what the media don’t see. I have seen what many Singaporeans don’t see. but what can I do? I can only write this to plead for mercy and justice. I can only cry with them and their family members.

Let Singapore be a voice of democracy for Asia. We long for it across the border. Let it be a voice that many can’t speak in this region. I am thankful Singapore is a country of integrity, but let it not forget the humanity side of it. Thank you for reading.

A.S.S. Contributor

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