A young single mother with a primary school age daughter has shared how the Housing & Development Board increased her rent from $61 to $230 upon learning that her new jobs gives her a pay raise of $300.

This means that most of the $300 that she could have used to pay for her child and family’s needs will now go to rent instead of books and food.

“What’s the point of us working so hard when what we earn extra goes to the rent hike? HDB is really sucking us dry!” she cried in desperation to Goh, who posted her ordeal online.

The single mother already struggles with her take home pay of $1,100 to pay everything from household bills, which will increase in the coming months, and to feed her growing daughter. As she has no paper qualifications, her chances of seeing another pay raise is slim at best.

Her ex-husband is currently jobless as he is an ex-convict who has just been released from prison. He gives no maintenance to the mother, who has to fend for herself.

With low education, low pay, and a merciless pay master demanding rent, the family looks set to remain in poverty for the foreseeable future.

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