A former Filipino police officer, Arturo Lascanas, who was once a member of Philipinnes president Rodrigo Duterte’s “Davao death squad”, has fled to Singapore out of concerns for his safety.

The 56 year-old officer claims to have been part of the death squad, which was formed in the late 1980s by then-mayor Rodrigo Duterte to kill hardened criminals, drug dealers and political opponents. Rodrigo Duterte was mayor of Davao, a city on the southern island of Mindanao, for more than two decades before winning the presidency last May on a promise to rid the country of drugs and crime.

Lascanas had been in hiding for months since making his expose of Duterte. He left the Philippines on Saturday night on a Tiger Airways flight to Singapore.

“I have received threats that a lawsuit would be filed against me, and there are also people looking for me as well,” Lascanas told Filipino reporters before he departed.

Despite the bounty on his head, Lascanas said leaving the country was easier than expected. When he appeared at immigration on Saturday, he was allowed to go through as there was no travel ban or hold departure against him.

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