ASS contributor Vince Lin shared that he got summon from NEA today for smoking under a covered walkway.. Lin claimed that the officers were so rude when approaching him and rude when he asked for a second chance. He also alleged that when he took out his HP to video them, they threatened to double his fines and said he will get into trouble if he uploaded it on social media.

However, from the footage, the NEA officers appeared to be professional in explaining the $200 fine and at one point, the video taker was heard calling one of the NEA officers a PUBOR (derogatory term) and it was at this point that the NEA officer threatened to double his charge or fine presumably for abuse of public officer.

After viewing the video, what do you think about this incident? Was the smoker being overly defensive or were the NEA officers guilty of being rude to smokers caught for flouting the rules.

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