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New figures released yesterday showed that rehired workers, those that are over 62 years of age, have increased steadily. And about 1,300 civil servants who retired at age 62 last year was rehired again. The Civil Service has also hired some 2,900 public officers aged 65 and above.

While this is painted as a good news, as it shows that civil service are not adverse to hiring older and experienced workers, this can also be quite a negative look. In the first place, why are people in their retirement age need to actually go back to work? Aren’t they supposed to enjoy all those hard years of work when they were younger, and use this retirement age to spend more time with their family, or put their feet up and not think about work?

Financing oneself against the rising cost of living in Singapore practically ensures that many Singaporeans have to continue working way past their retirement age to actually support themselves. They might have their retirement plans in place when they were still working, but the goalposts keeps getting shifted in Singapore. And prices keep rising. So, whatever savings they had made, it is still some way short of ensuring these folks can enjoy their retirement years. What to do, work until you die, that is the Singapore way.

Low A H

A.S.S. Contributor

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