Dear A.S.S. Editor

NUS Students trying to bully on old bus driver. My father is just trying to earn an honest living. My dad was supposed to drive this bunch of NUS Students from Pan Pacific Hotel on 7 April 2017, 11pm. My dad was waiting behind the hotel at 10.30pm and now the person is saying my dad is late.

When my dad called the NUS student, he told him they will be at the lobby then when my dad turned in to the lobby at 11, they weren’t there. Then when my dad turned one round in again, he saw them there. When he picked them up, his bus is only permitted to pick up maximum 23 passengers on board but they wanted 28 people on board which is against the law. Now, they’re trying to deduct my dad and the private bus company money as they’re claiming that my dad is late.

When my dad arrived at 10.30 behind the hotel, the security guard came over at 10.40pm, my dad told him he will be picking up passengers at 11pm.


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