I see a lot of comments criticising MP Edwin Tong for being Kong Hee’s lawyer. This is ignorant and absolutely ridiculous. Firstly, everybody is innocent until proven guilty. Everybody has the right to the best defence they can get.

Edwin was hired by Kong Hee when he was innocent in the eyes of the law. And no lawyer drops a client just because they have been found guilty – they follow through with the appeal process until he has done his utmost professional best for his client.

If one day you were to be charged in court, you will want the exact same treatment.

Secondly, there is no conflict of interest. Kong Hee did not cheat Marine Parade GRC. That would be a conflict of interest. He did not cheat the PAP. That would be a conflict of interest. Edwin Tong is also just a MP – he is a member of the ruling party, but he is not a member of the Government. There is a big and crucial difference.

Therefore, I hope these attacks on Edwin will stop. Many MPs, including Workers Party MPs are practicing lawyers. It is not reasonable to ask them to stop doing their jobs just because ignorant members of the public think they should. Just stop.

I am angry too about the whole CHC case. But we are a country with an independent judiciary. We want justice to be meted out without fear or favour.
This is good for everyone because one day, maybe one of your loved ones may be charged in court for something he may be innocent of. In that case, you better hope our prosecutors, our defence lawyers and our judges act professionally according to evidence and facts, and not because netizens take to the internet to bay for blood.

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