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I refer to this article by the CHC member:

Here is my response to Desmond Loo.

Uh uh. So you are saying it’s okay to misappropriate funds and using them for your own benefits?

Also, wrong analogy. What you eat, doesn’t really compare because you NEED to eat to survive. 10% of monthly salary and donations which are pretty much either enforced and/or pressured into is not a NEED. And from what I know of other religions, donations are for maintaining the building of worship and its caretakers, i.e monks, prophets, pastors, priests, etc, etc.

The worse part is donations are not truly voluntary, and recruitments are aggressive and similar to MLM (i.e come take a look, its gonna be fun, you can make new friends there, etc, etc).

Take a look at most chinese temples. You can go there to pray anytime with opening hours. Donations are voluntary, as in the donation boxes are placed there, if you want, you go to it and put money on your own accord, not like churches passing money bag around machiam hint hint you liddat. There are hardly any recruitment; heck I have never seen any recruitment attempts in public nor heard anyone trying to sway others to go join the temples and such.

Literature of studies are available free of charge, it’s all placed there; you want, you take. Stuff like joss sticks are also placed there with a donation box beside it; you can take and use, you want to donate or “pay” for it and how much is up to you. You don’t like to go to this temple, just head to another one, nobody will care or bother, it’s all open and freewill. This is REAL voluntary.

Not like city harvest church. Aggressive marketing and recruiting, forced 10% of salary to be donated to pastor, donations are being pressured. Phone numbers and addresses are pressured to give (I have never given my address or details to any churches, except my handphone number, which the recruiter already knows because they know me in the first place). You don’t give the 10% or other donations, they will chase and hound you. You don’t go attend their “lectures” they will hound and question you. You spend time on your personal life instead of church activities they also will interrogate you. Basically they dictate you life.

Freewill? It’s blatant brainwashing. Kong Hee is a criminal and belongs in jail.

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