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The recent uproar about the close of the Sungei Road Market and the fact that many of the sellers there will lose their place of business seems like it might not be over yet. The Association for the Recycling of Second Hand Goods recently wrote to the press voicing their unhappiness with the Environment and Water Resources Minister’s response in Parliament.

They indicated that only about 10 out of the more than 200 vendors in the Sungei Road market are receiving relocation assistance or public assistance. As is known by the public, most of the sellers who hawked their goods at the Sungei Road market are elderly folks, and hawking is their only source of income. Now, they are going to lose their source of income, and despite assurances from the government that they will extend assistance and provide employment services for the vendors, thus far, no government official has approached the association to date.

It does seem that the elderly vendors are caught in a tight situation. They depend on their hawking to eke out a living, but they will lose that market spot, and they don’t even know what kind of assistance they will be getting from the government. What can they do?

Surely, the authorities can act promptly on this issue, after what had been promised via the news outlets and even in parliament. The elderly hawkers don’t have much time left before Sungei Road market is gone forever.


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